Hitman 3 Trailer Reveals New Location

IO interactive debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Hitman 3 this week to show off another [...]

IO interactive debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Hitman 3 this week to show off another location that players will be visiting in the game when it releases next year. The new location in question is "Chongqing," and like other locations Agent 47 has had to navigate in past Hitman games, it'll be bustling with activity and environmental differences to set it apart from other locations. The same trailer also showed off some of the effects of the game's engine and how some effects will be implemented into Hitman 3.

You can check out the trailer below to see more of Chongqing and the area that players will be traveling in January. Dark, rainy streets, climbs to windows while balancing on the sides of buildings, and gunfights inside dilapidated interiors of those structures fill the trailer to show off just a few parts of Chongqing.

All the while, we're treated to some commentary on the game's Glacier engine and how it'll effect Hitman 3. Neat tricks like showing the way water and rain affect Agent 47 when it gets on his coat and splashes off him can be seen among other "under the hood" features, hence the name of the trailer.

It was also said that like other games releasing now, this one will be able to take advantage of the next-gen consoles that are now available. On both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, it's been confirmed that the game will run at 4K resolution and at 60FPS with HDR supported. Other improvements made to the game like better animations and AI will also be available to players who are fond of the past games since Hitman 3 players can import locations from previous games in the trilogy into the new release.

Aside from Hitman 3, IO Interactive also has another new game in the works that looks to tell an untold James Bond story. It's called "Project 007" for the time being, and it's supposed to be the first origin story that's ever been released for the iconic agent. We've gotten a teaser trailer so far for the game, but we haven't gotten any gameplay or confirmed platforms yet nor do we have any timeframe for when the game might be released.

Hitman 3 is scheduled to release on January 20th.