Hogwarts Legacy Player Warns of Disturbing Reason Not to Pet Cats

It's tempting to pet the odd-looking cats in Hogwarts Legacy, but one Harry Potter fan over on Reddit has provided a warning to all that can't resist petting every single kitty they pass by. In Harry Potter, every witch or wizard that is an Animagus -- which is to say, has the ability to transform into an animal at will -- has to be registered as such. This likely is to decrease the chance of deceiving others desguised as an animal. However, there are plenty who never report this ability. In other words, every time you're petting a cat in the game, there's a chance you're just petting some old, creepy man. 

Over on Reddit, one fan relayed a snippet of lore talking about an unregistered Animagus that transformed into a cat to get free pets and tuna. As you would expect, the post gained considerable traction and has awoken many and shaken them of their troubling cat-petting ways. 

"An unregistered Animagus was apprehended by the Ministry last night after it came to light that she had been posing as her neighbour's cat for the past fifteen years. The calico feline, affectionately nicknamed 'Tubs', was revealed by officials to be fifty-one- year-old ex-Auror Patricia McManners, from Swansea after Tubs's owner, Tabitha Smithers, noticed the cat frequenting the neighbouring property. 'I felt somewhat betrayed,' said Tabitha in an exclusive interview. 'There was giving Tubs all the head scratches and tuna she could want, and off she'd go to the McManners's place. I thought she was scrounging for extra food, pretending I hadn't fed her'."

"It appears the infiltration began when Patty began to suspect Tabitha of Dark Magic, which turned out instead to be catnip. Asked whether she felt any lingering resentment towards Patty, Tabitha said, 'Can't say that Ido. Patty was always a good cat. Greedy, yes, but good. In fact, I was rather hoping she'd agree to keep being my cat again after all of this is over."

To those who pet every cat they see: there's a good chance you're probably petting some random mangy old dude from HarryPotterGame

In the comments section of this Reddit post, other Harry Potter fans were quick to point out this isn't the only example of wizards and witches pretending to be animals. Famously, Peter Pettigrew, aka Wormtail, disguises himself as Ron Weasley's pet rat, Scabbers, for many years. All of this is to say, don't trust animals in Hogwarts Legacy. In the game, cats are not meant to be pet as the petting feature suggests, they are meant to practice Avada Kedavra on.