Hogwarts Legacy Players Discover Harry Potter Actor in Game's Cast

One of the actors from Hogwarts Legacy also starred in the Harry Potter films many years ago. Hogwarts Legacy has been a huge runaway success for Warner Brothers, largely because it appeals to just about everyone. It's a game that lets you live out the fantasy of being a Hogwarts student and enjoy being your own witch or wizard, but it is also unshackled from the history of the actual Harry Potter series because it is set about a hundred years before The Boy Who Lived ever attended the wizarding school. With that said, everything within Hogwarts Legacy is either totally original or just background knowledge that is hardly relevant to the Harry Potter stories, so anyone can jump in any enjoy it regardless of their awareness of the series.

However, those dedicated eagle eyed Harry Potter fans are noticing some extremely easy to miss things. One of these little tidbits of trivia is that an actor from the Harry Potter films appears in Hogwarts Legacy (via GamingBible). An actor named Luke Youngblood (which sounds like the name of a Potter character itself) played Lee Jordan in the first two Harry Potter films and then reprised his role as the character in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game. Now, he's back, but given the major difference in eras here, he's not playing Lee Jordan again. He is now playing a few people: Everett Clopton, Arthur Plummly, Elek, and Ernie Lark. It certainly makes for a pretty robust resume for an actor.

Needless to say, Youngblood has quite a bit of experience in the Harry Potter world. While Youngblood is not a major lead actor in the Harry Potter films like Daniel Radcliffe, it's still great to see this lineage or throughline for actors in this universe. Perhaps now that Hogwarts Legacy has been such a hit, fans will get to see more familiar faces/voices from the Harry Potter universe in the expected sequel. 

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