Horizon Zero Dawn AMA Reveals New Details, Cut Content From Game

Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s been just over one year since we got to play Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4, and Guerrilla Games, the developer behind the new IP, has been going all out talking about it since it reached that anniversary.

In fact, the lead writer behind the game, Ben McCaw, recently took part in an AMA for the game over on Reddit, talking about some little known facts that fans wouldn’t want to miss out on.

First off, he revealed that a certain territory was scrapped from the game, but didn’t explain as to why. A fan asked about the “biggest or coolest” element that he wished had made the final cut, and he explained, “This question made me take a walk down memory lane! We had a quest line that had Aloy visit the Oseram territory of the Claim at one point. She was definitely going to shake things up a bit.”

In addition, McCaw explained that Sony was quite supportive throughout Guerrilla Games’ development of Horizon, giving them the chance to make the game they always wanted – and without question. “In addition to making it a kick-ass story about machines and tribes and epic threats to the world, we wanted it to be personal,” he explained. “We wanted it to be about bonds of love that cross generations, ties that can survive any destructive force. And on a very basic level, we wanted it to be about a woman’s search for her mother.

“We hope that came through, and from the response, it seems like it has.”

On top of that it was noted that the game’s story had some mighty inspirations behind it, as some of the main quest was inspired by the likes of epic films such as Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments. Meanwhile, The Frozen Wilds expansion, which arrived late last year, was actually inspired in a different way, by the science fiction film 2010.

Considering that the game has sold 7.6 million copies since its release, there’s no question that Sony has a hit on their hands – and we definitely haven’t seen the last of Aloy.


Horizon Zero Dawn is available now for PlayStation 4.

Our Take: Horizon is quite deserving of all its acclaim, and it’s great to see some new stories emerge from Guerrilla Games’ lore. But…seriously, are we going to see that Oseram territory return in the follow-up or what?