Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Still Selling Incredibly Well

Even though Sony has a pretty incredible line-up coming for the PlayStation 4 in the months ahead, [...]


Even though Sony has a pretty incredible line-up coming for the PlayStation 4 in the months ahead, there's no question that it got its 2017 gaming season off to a brilliant start with Guerrilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn. It's a stupendous game that's well worth your time, and the players seem to realize that, too.

Speaking with Polygon, Sony Interactive Entertainment America President Shawn Layden noted that the fresh new IP has been selling quite well, with over 3.4 million copies sold thus far – in just four months. On top of that, a quarter of those sales – around 915,000 – stemmed from digital purchases through the PlayStation Store.

Said Layden, "We thought people would go for the digital store because they didn't want to get off the sofa, get in their car and go drive and get it. We underestimated that. People will get the digital copy because they don't want to get off the sofa and put a disc in the machine."

This number follows up on the 2.6 million units that sold the first two weeks after the game's launch. So even though sales have slowed down a little bit, Horizon: Zero Dawn remains quite a hot property.

Hayden also spoke to Glixel, and the accomplishment that Guerrilla Games put into its development. "We've been so proud of what that studio has been able to do. It's a brave step for that studio to go from making shooters like Killzone to an open world game."

He also noted the high count of digital sales for the game. "This kind of shift changes everything," he explained. "It changes the publishing model, it allows smaller players to put out games, it affects DLC and it has a huge impact."

As for what this means for the future of Horizon, Layden didn't say, but the Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner, so we could very well see what Guerrilla Games is up to next within a matter of days. We'd certainly love to see the adventures of Aloy continue onward.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is now available for PlayStation 4. Don't you dare miss it.