How Long Does It Take to Beat 'Devil May Cry 5'?

The reviews are in and Devil May Cry 5 is being met with resounding praise for the team over at Capcom, and for good reason! For the familiar - yet vastly improved - combat mechanics, to one of the most epic audio tracks in recent history, the latest entry into the DMC universe is one fans shouldn't miss out on. So how long does it take to beat?

When I played the game for my review, I played on the highest difficulty setting in order to truly test myself for review purposes. While playing on Devil Hunter mode, I clocked my playthrough in at 13 hours for the story. Some missions took longer than others, one in particular took me an hour (I'm not proud of that), but overall it was pretty fluid despite the challenge.

Some have reported it taking them up to 15-18 hours, it really depends on playstyle. Luckily, Capcom designed the entire game around replayability and the end of the game itself doesn't actually mean the end of the game. There's plenty to do, plenty to see, and tons of secret challenges players can undertake.

If you're like me and like to farm the red orbs for every possible skill, you're going to want to brace for a few playthroughs. With total completion and farming in mind, a general playthrough can last up to 45 hours.

So yes, the initial story can be beaten fairly quickly, but there's more to it than just simple completion. And that's just another reason why we loved Devil May Cry 5 so much!

Devil May Cry 5 officially releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 8th.

"With no spoilers, the story is also one of the better ones seen in the franchise to date. The pacing is intense so that even those that aren't necessarily fans of the traditional style of combat won't be left behind. The familiar nods to previous games is also apparent throughout the title's progression and the heavy metal soundtrack only adds to the pure glory that Devil May Cry 5 brings to the table," reads a snippet from our full review.

"Overall, the latest entry is one of the best games yet from the series. It has the music, the cinematic drama, the addictive combat, the personal flair, and characters that you will just genuinely love. It's safe to say that Devil May Cry 5 definitely delivers on its promise to be loyal to fans while still providing an entirely new experience at the same time."

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