Hyperkin Duke Xbox One Green Controller Coming Soon To GameStop

Green Duke

Earlier in the year, Hyperkin got nostalgic with Xbox One owners by releasing a special version of the "Duke" controller that originally came packaged with the original Xbox console back in the year 2000. Selling for $69.99, the controller is a marvel, featuring the classic design as well as a special screen that shows the Xbox startup screen.

But imagine our surprise when we found out that there was a special green model that, at the time, wasn't being sold to the public and was a limited edition item. Apparently, the company has since changed their tune, as a green model will soon be available for purchase!

A listing has appeared on the GameStop page that shows the Hyperkin Duke Xbox One controller in translucent green coloring, set to release on September 2. The controller goes for the same price as the original Duke model, $69.99. There's no word yet if this is a limited edition item or not but it appears to be exclusive with GameStop according to the listing.

This will no doubt be good news to those of you that have been holding out for the special green edition, which was originally given out as a limited item to certain Xbox employees. Even though it may take some getting used to (we're talking about an old-school Xbox design compared to the more comfortable Xbox One controller setup), it's still good for retro gaming fun.

You can find the full feature list for the controller below:

Hyperkin has recreated the original Xbox controller aka "Duke" as an officially Xbox-licensed controller, compatible with the Xbox One family of devices and Windows 10 PCs. The Hyperkin Duke for Xbox One - Wired Controller features the original Xbox startup screen animated inside the Xbox Button, precision analog triggers, bumpers, a 3.5 mm headset jack, a 9 ft. detachable USB cable, and the return of the Black (RB) and White (LB) buttons.

  • Classic design featuring the original Xbox animated startup screen played right inside the Xbox Button
  • Precision analog triggers and bumpers that mirror the Black and White buttons
  • Classic X, B, A, Y, LT, RT, Black (RB), and White (LB) button layout (including Option and View buttons)
  • Vibration feedback for realistic experiences
  • 9 ft. detachable USB cable (required to use controller)
  • Original Xbox-style controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs
  • 3.5 mm headset jack

So if you've been waiting to get your hands on the Duke, get your pre-orders in now! It looks like it'll be available both online and for pick-up in GameStop stores, but the number could be very limited.

Can't wait? The original Duke model is on sale now for Xbox One.

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