Jack Black "Plays" 'Fortnite' As His First Game On His YouTube Channel

Comedian / musician Jack Black jokingly called out other huge names in the YouTube streaming community last year by making his debut video on his new channel to game on, and immediately -- that channel skyrocketed. Now that it's the new year, Black is prepping for some epic game-age starting with Epic Games' Fortnite.

Looking at the video above, it's pretty obvious that he's not actually playing the game. In fact, it was all just a 'comedy' routine to prelude to just another video announcement. The real reason for the upload was to explain why he HASN'T been playing games on his ... ahem, gaming channel. It turns out the reason is actually pretty simple: He can't figure out how to use his capture card and for some reason hasn't run out to get an HDMI cable yet.

Come on, Jackie poo, that's what the Internet is for.

Still, he promises that actual gameplay will be going down next week, though which game is anyone's guess. Will be be sticking to the wildly popular Fortnite title, or will he move on a different kind of online game? And am I the only one kind of hoping he streams Kingdom Hearts 3? Just me? OK ...


The quick sub escalation at the birth of his channel was a bit expected. When Black first announced he was making the leap into gaming, his big reveal hit astronomical numbers instantly. He's also been in the public eye for decades for his acting and his comedic band Tenacious D. With gaming being such a huge part of mainstream culture in recent years - and a notable source of income when done correctly - it's fun to see him bring his specific brand of humor over into our community. Plus, he's shaking things up in the streaming-verse, nothing wrong with that one bit!

Was it the best gaming channel in the world, or was it only a tribute? Sound off with your thoughts on what he should play next in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!