John Cena Comes to PGA Tour 2K23 in Surprise Crossover

WWE superstar John Cena is coming to PGA Tour 2K23, 2K announced this week as a surprise to wrestling fans and golf fans alike. The pro wrestler and Peacemaker star will be a playable golfer in the new golfing game when it launches on April 7th and will be one of several other celebrities who will also make appearances in-game. A couple of images were shared alongside the announcement to show what this crossover would look like (it looks very much like John Cena out on a golfing trip!).

You can see John Cena in action in PGA Tour 2K23 below courtesy of 2K's announcement on Thursday amid the expected amount of jokes about being able or unable to see Cena. He's wearing his signature red, white, and blue colors albeit in golfing attire as opposed to his in-ring look or his Peacekeeper costume.

Accompanying the first images of Cena golfing in PGA Tour 2K23 were some stats, too, to show how he stacks up to other golfers. Fittingly enough, his stats show his "Power" maxed out at 100 with "Transition" being his next best stat behind that one.

Along with Cena, other celebrity appearances have been confirmed for the game, too. Michael Jordan will be in the game as will Steph Curry. There could be more in the future as well, but those are the ones we know of right now.

2K has a history of bringing in celebrities to make appearances in its games in the past, so while Cena himself might be a surprising entry in the golfing game, this sort of situation isn't as surprising itself. In WWE 2K22, for example, both Machine Gun Kelly and Logan Paul among others made appearances in the game. Cena is an occasional golfer just as Machine Gun Kelly and Logan Paul have made WWE appearances before, so there's precedent for all this to happen no matter how outlandish it might seem at a glance. 

PGA Tour 2K23 is scheduled to release on April 7th, so we'll see then how Cena performs against other golfers like Tiger Woods and more.