Kabounce Puts a New Perspective on Pinball, Beta Testers Wanted

Indie developer Stitch Heads is bringing Kabounce to the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, a game [...]

Indie developer Stitch Heads is bringing Kabounce to the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, a game that takes pinball to a new level.

The multiplayer pinball game supports up to eight players online at one time with four on each team as players customize their pinballs and race across maps to earn the most points. Special attacks and other abilities allow players to fight against both PvP opponents and bots, depending on which of the game modes is chosen.

"Bounce and spin your ball to reach incredible speeds, or launch yourself into aerial platforming routes to surprise your opponents with an attack from above!" a description on the game's Steam page reads. "Master your movement in this unique team versus team pinball experience, dominate the playing field with powerful abilities and annihilate your opponents to take their points by force."

Ahead of the game's release, Stitch Heads is currently looking for players to assist in the beta testing phase that's scheduled to begin on April 5 and will run until April 8. The game also supports cross-play between the PS4 and PC, though it wasn't mentioned whether the feature would be supported in the beta or not.

Over on the Stitch Heads Twitter account, the indie developers have been previewing different parts of the game leading up to its beta stage and release. Some of the possible pinball customizations such as the one below are being shown through a "Pinball of the Day" series while other updates on ongoing blog posts and other info are also shared.

More details on the game's features and cross-play potential can be seen below, but make sure to head over to the Kabounce beta site to sign up for the beta before it goes live in April.

  • Online Multiplayer: Up to 8-player online, 4 versus 4.
  • Split Screen: Play up to 4-player split screen locally - or join an online match.
  • Time Attack: Test your skill and race against ghosts or friends in parkour-like platforming challenges - or improve your global rank on the leaderboards.
  • Roll in style: Millions of possible combinations to personalize your pinball!
  • Cross-platform: Cross play support between PlayStation®4 and Steam players.


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