Killer Instinct Will Get Xbox One X 4K Support, And Looks Amazing Thus Far

Killer Instinct remains one of Microsoft’s premiere titles for the Xbox One and PC. How could it not be? It builds upon an arcade legacy that started with Rare and Nintendo years ago, and Iron Galaxy has built upon said legacy following the departure of the game’s original developer, Double Helix Games, with even more fighters and features.

Those features continue to expand today, as it appears that Iron Galaxy is readying the game for Xbox One X with full 4K support. That means the game will somehow look even better, despite the fact that it currently runs at 60 frames per second and looks like a champ.

With that, the team at Digital Foundry actually put together a comparison video, looking at the Xbox One X and Xbox One graphics for the game, and you can see that 4K makes a slight difference. For those that aren’t upgrading, though, there will also be a native 4K option, so you can jump in and brawl with the best of them. You can watch the video above.

There are setbacks, as you’ll hear in the video, but some people may find this to be worth the upgrade.

This is the first fighting game to get such an upgrade for Xbox One X, but not the first 4K-supported brawler. Both Injustice 2 and King of Fighters XIV can support up to 1440p on PlayStation 4 Pro, and look all the better for it, though some fans are pleased with what the original PlayStation 4 provides.


The bottom line is, the upgrade is there for those that want to take advantage of it, and as you can see from the video comparison, there is some slight stuff worth celebrating. Still, if you’re keeping your Xbox One – or just playing on your PC – you’ll still find a fighting game that’s well worth your time, especially if you’re looking to go crazy on combos. Boy, does this game have them in spades. And with a Battletoad, no less.

Killer Instinct is available now for Xbox One and PC. Be sure to check it out, even if you’ve never heard of the older games.