Kingsman: The Golden Circle Mobile Game Gets A Fancy New Update

The official mobile title for Kingsman: The Golden Circle is about to recieve a beefy new update [...]


The official mobile title for Kingsman: The Golden Circle is about to recieve a beefy new update at the end of the month, according to the game's developers at NHN Pixelcube. A new release details brand new outfits and a new story for players to figure their way through to continue playing the Puzzle Action RPG. For anyone who hasn't been playing Kingsman: The Golden Circle for mobile, the game is chock full of in-world references, and of course, the ability to spiff up your player with perfectly English (and high-class Western) outfits, along with all the weapons that come with the job.

A pre-registration event has begun for the update, giving players special bonuses and early peeks at what's to come for the mobile title. Here's a little bit of what you can expect when the update hits at the end of January:

Special Daily Combat Missions – Put your agents to the test in this challenging Daily Event to receive the items you need to take down any global threat.

Chapter 12 "Poppyland" – Confront Poppy in her Golden Circle headquarters and put a stop to the plots of this worldwide drug cartel with scenery and action seen in the latest film.

Friend System – Find and join your friends in a Guild to prepare for the Version 2.0 update. Invite them to a quick 2v2 match to show off your newly improved Kingsman and Statesman Characters!

12 New Outfits Added – New Outfits to collect for Eggsy, Harry, Tequila, Whiskey, and all of the other Kingsman and Statesman Characters. Now a new Outfit Bonus applies to your Character Stats when you collect more of these powerful Outfits.

Along with all this, a set of new skills pulled straight from the Kingsman sequel will be available for players to try out, including the film's freeze gel grenade, Kingsman Aftershave, and the machine-gun, rocket-loaded Kingsman suitcase. Players who decide to go in on the pre-registration event will receive plenty of goodies, including in-game currency like crowns and silver, as well as a gear update and a gadget synthetic alloy.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out now for iOS and Android.