League of Legends Releases Inspiring Animation for Season 8

The start of League of Legends Season 8 is almost here, and Riot Games has an incredible new [...]

The start of League of Legends Season 8 is almost here, and Riot Games has an incredible new animation preceding to hype players up for their climb to the top.

This newest cinematic video from Riot Games is simply called "The Climb," an animation that features several different champions each waging their own battle. If you've seen some of the other League of Legends animations from Riot like the "Mortal Reminder" music video from Pentakill themselves, you'll have high expectations for this newest animation. The good news here is that it certainly doesn't disappoint, and it could very well be one of their top animations that's been released so far.

"The Climb" starts off with the champ that the League community loves to hate, Yasuo, before moving onto Taliyah, Ekko, Blitzcrank, Miss Fortune, Lucian, and finally Thresh. You'll see a bit of lore mixed in with each one of the champions' sequences as well as they use all of their signature abilities, and we even get to see the Great Steam Golem give his hearty robot laugh that can be so tilting in-game.

A brilliant cinematic in itself, the animation points towards a much larger event: The official start of Season 8. This year's season is scheduled to begin on Jan. 16, a date by which every player's rank and their Honor level will be reset to begin that climb all over again. This will be the first year that the Honor system will reset as well with the revamped feature being newly introduced last year, and more Honor rewards await players as they progress back up to Honor level 5.

For those fortunate enough to make it up to the Challenger tier, Riot also announced that they'll be tweaking that level of ranked matches for the 2018 season.

"In Challenger tier, we're removing the solo-only restriction in Ranked Solo/Duo," Riot Cactopus wrote in the 2018 season announcement. "We saw that Challenger players were facing Master tier duos pretty regularly, which ends up making the queue less competitive overall (despite the original intention back in 2016), and also punishes duos on the upper echelons of Master for winning too hard. We'll be monitoring how much this impacts the health of the queue over the coming weeks."

The 2018 season of League of Legends begins on Jan. 16.