League of Legends Devs Tease More Champion Updates

League of Legends developer Riot Games just finished up a trio of what it calls "mid-scope updates" for Swain, Olaf, and Taliyah, but the studio already has more of those in mind for additional champions. Riot teased as much this week by saying it was working on these sorts of updates for "a few more champions," though we don't yet know who those updates will be for. These come in addition to several other kinds of reworks already known to be on the way for a few champions as well as a totally new character who we'll hopefully be seeing more of soon.

Riot August, the lead champion designer for League, talked about the mid-scope updates Riot's been talking about over the past couple of weeks leading up to their recent releases. The League designer said more will be shared about these plans in the future but that Riot wasn't yet ready to talk about which champions would be receiving these mid-scope updates.

Often referred to as "mini reworks" by the community, these mid-scope updates entail changes for parts of champions' kits that don't change their overall playstyle but rather modernize their abilities a bit more while smoothing out some grievances. Taliyah's mid-scope update, for example, kept all the champion's core abilities intact while letting her do more with her Worked Ground and bolstering the anti-mobility aspect of her kit. These are different from the Gameplay Updates that totally overall champions' kits and are also different from Visual and Gameplay Updates which rework both visual and gameplay elements entirely.

Even though we don't yet know who these mid-scope updates will be for, the good news associated with these sorts of updates are that they don't typically take too long to release after they're revealed, at least not based on what we've seen so far. Taliyah's update, for example, was fully detailed on April 27th and was released two weeks later on May 11th. That doesn't mean every mid-scope update will move that quickly, but it's a much different timeframe than what players expect from larger updates like the ones for Aurelion Sol, Skarner, and Udyr.

Reworks aside, the buzz in League right now is centered around a new champion, Bel'Veth. Riot revealed the first cinematic for this Void jungler this week which has left players wanting more. Whatever this champion ends up being capable of, we can count on seeing it playable on the PBE servers first before heading to the live game.