League of Legends Is Looking Into Buffing Lucian

Lucian is one League of Legends champion that may be receiving buffs soon to help him out in both [...]

League of Legends Lucian
(Photo: Riot Games)

Lucian is one League of Legends champion that may be receiving buffs soon to help him out in both of his new roles.

A marksman originally designed to be at home dashing around the bottom lane, Lucian, like Ezreal, found himself appearing frequently in a new role last year. While Ezreal took over the jungle, Lucian showed up in the middle lane, still as an AD carry, at every level ranging from solo queue to professional play. But now, Lucian's on the weaker end, an issue that may be resolved after the champion potentially gets buffed.

"We're looking at some changes to Lucian, aimed at making him less level dependent (equalize him more between mid and bot lane) and rewarding him more for building crit," Riot Meddler said regarding the evil-slaying champion. "Those won't be in 8.2, should be in 8.3 or 8.4 though."

Meddler elaborated on the purpose behind the work-in-progress buffs by saying that Riot hopes to allow him to perform better in duo lanes by looking into the power that he gains through levels.

"Intent here is to move power away from levels so that he can duo lane more effectively again. We think right now he's too pulled towards solo laning by both levels (solo XP) and items (non crit)."

As far as the specific areas of Lucian that might be buffed, his passive is one ability that's being considered. His passive allows him to quickly dish out some extra damage following the use of one of his abilities. The second shot fodllowing his first basic auto attack currently does a percentage of his AD instead of the full amount, that value being one stat that could see buffs.

"From memory we're testing passive damage starting a bit higher (50-60%, instead of 40-60%) so levels matter less in that regard, plus second shot crit damage at 75% instead of 50%. Those aren't final changes necessarily, but an example of the sorts of things we're looking at for him."

The buffs for Lucian haven't gone to the PBE just yet and aren't scheduled to be in Patch 8.2, but look for the potential buffs to be explained in greater detail later.