'League of Legends' Previews Ornn with Champion Trailer

A new champion trailer has been released for League of Legends’ Ornn, one that builds upon the [...]

A new champion trailer has been released for League of Legends' Ornn, one that builds upon the champion's lore and pits him against his greatest rival.

Released just before Ornn is fully introduced into League during Patch 7.17, the trailers shows off just a bit of what Ornn can do with his abilities, but in order to fully understand the significance of the champions that are chosen to face off against Ornn, it's probably best to read his lore.

Compared to other champions that have been revealed recently, Ornn has a pretty lengthy backstory that can found in its entirety here. Ornn's been around for a long time, so it makes sense that he'd have plenty of stories to tell, but his tales take him back to some of the most mystic champions of Frejlord such as Lissandra.

His stories also rewrite other champions' backgrounds in a way since he's now brothers with Volibear, a champion that's apparently been escalated from his bear-warrior status to that of a lightning-flinging ursine god. If you look through all of his lore carefully, you might even notice a small nod towards an unlikely Fizz.

But Ornn and his brother Voli don't get along well at all, and that's exactly what players get to see in this new trailer. Ornn is challenged by Sejuani, Lissandra, Volibear and the bears army, likely because of his stubbornness when it comes to assisting others. We get to see a bit of Ornn's ultimate in action before the trailer cuts off, but the outcome of it clashing with Volibear is unknown. Their equal match-up is purely in-game though with Volibear's current state, a champion with a kit that actually seems like it'd have a difficult time taking Ornn down given the amount of CC and tankiness he has.

Ornn is currently finishing up his testing period on the PBE where he's had his item-building passive and other abilities fine-tuned in preparation for his release. With the time on the PBE almost over, Ornn is expected to be released with the newest update, Patch 7.17, that is scheduled for Aug. 23.