'League of Legends' Ryze is Back on the Table for More Changes

Ryze is one League of Legends champion that’s been a balancing nightmare and a popular joke [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

Ryze is one League of Legends champion that's been a balancing nightmare and a popular joke topic for players, but the mage is ready to be looked at once again for more changes.

With each champion rework that's announced, big or small, it can almost be guaranteed that a comment about Ryze can be found somewhere within the discussion surrounding the announcement. The mid laner has been reworked several times in the past, so joking about his Nth rework is an easy jab against the champ.

But in reality, Ryze actually has a pretty defined balancing problem that stems from differences in normal and competitive play. Balancing for one style doesn't help the other very much, hence the issue with Ryze.

"We'll be taking a look at some Ryze stuff soon, with the goal of reducing his difference in power between regular play and organized teams (if he's balanced to be appropriately strong for regular matchmade games he's nuts in pro play especially)," Riot Meddler said recently on the spell-slinging champion.

But don't expect another full Ryze rework either, as Meddler explained that Ryze's changes will be more like Shen's from earlier in the year as opposed to a Warwick or Urgot-level rework.

When asked why the reworks haven't addressed the imbalance between pro and normal play in the right way was met with a pretty straightforward response, Meddler stating that they simply "failed to do good enough work in the previous reworks." The fact that Ryze has been a problem in the past certainly hasn't escaped the balance team, and they're not expecting the changes to be easy.

"Ryze has long been a problem child of course, so not expecting he'll necessarily be solved after this work, or that we'll necessarily hit on things worth shipping immediately, figured it was worth mentioning though, both for visibility's sake and to see whether any of you folks have particularly strong ideas we should be considering in addition to the things we're already looking at (wave clear, ability to farm, ult coordination requirements etc)," Meddler added.

Currently, Ryze has a change being tested on the PBE that buffs the damage of his signature Rune Prison ability. The CC ability currently has a 20 percent ratio, a number that's been increased to 60 percent with current tests.

There's no timeframe currently revealed for Ryze's future changes, but he's at least being considered for future patches.