League of Legends Snowdown Event Is Live with Naughty and Nice Missions

This year’s Snowdown event is now fully underway in League of Legends with gifts, loot, and a new game mode.

Running from Dec. 12 – Jan. 8, Snowdown 2017 starts with the release of this year’s Snowdown skins: Ambitious Elf Jinx, Santa Draven, and Snow Fawn Poppy, each for 1350 RP. But the skins are just the beginning of the event that’ll allow players to take part in plenty of other activities without ever having to part with any RP.

The new missions will help with this, a series of challenges that stem from either a “Naughty” or “Nice” branch of missions. Through the Snowdown hub that’s been added to the client, you can see a breakdown of the challenges that start with winning a few games before you choose your path and earn XP, icons, Hextech loot, and even some emotes as you complete all of the missions. Once you complete one of the paths though, the other one disappears, so choose your rewards wisely.

Gifting also makes a return for the holiday season whether you’re hoping to gift yourself something or pass on the spirit to a friend. A Santa Baron 2017 Summoner Icon is available through the gifting feature, but you’ll have to depend on your friends to give it to you. It costs 1000 Blue Essence to purchase, but you can’t buy it for yourself; you can only gift it to a friend or have them gift it to you. Of course, you could always just gift yourself a mystery champion or skin with the self-gifting option that’ll be available until the Snowdown event ends.

New Snowdown Capsules are also buyable with RP that’ll include two or more skin shards with one guaranteed to be an Epic-tier or above, some Orange Essence, and a better chance at receiving some bonus skin shards and gemstones. Outside of the capsules, special Snowdown emotes are also available that are based on older Summoner Icons, but if you already have those icons such as the Re-Gifted Amumu and Snowbells icons, you’ll automatically receive the emotes.


On top of all this is the new Snow Battle ARURF game mode that’s coming soon, but it’s not going live with the start of the event today. The game mode launches on Dec. 19 and will last until Jan. 2 and is sandwiched by Legend of the Poro King that’ll take place both before and after the new game mode.

Snowdown 2017 is live now, and you can see the full details of the seasonal special through its event page.