League of Legends Stories to Read Before the Lux Comic Series

Playing League of Legends will give you a decent understanding of its many champions’ backstories and the relationships between them, but like any game that’s been around as long as this one has, things get much deeper when you explore the lore. Bios and short stories flesh out characters, regions, and make sense of in-game dialogue between champions, though if you’re just in it for the gameplay and competition, you can forgo the expansive League Universe and just dive into the game.

The is true with the new League of Legends: Lux comic series that’s being released soon by Marvel and Riot Games. Scheduled to release the on May 8th, the series will feature Lux and other Demacian champions such as Garen and Sylas. ComicBook.com asked Riot Games’ senior narrative writer and Lux comic writer John O’Bryan which stories from the Universe players need to read before the first issue. O’Bryan said it’s not absolutely necessary to read anything first since the comics are intended to be contained narratives by themselves, but doing so will only enhance your experience.

“We tried our best to make the comic a self-contained thing where you don't need to do any background reading,” O’Bryan said. “Having said that, I'm not one to discourage anyone from reading the Universe more. I think it would probably only make it a better experience for you.”

Lux’s comics should give readers an idea of what Demacia’s like and who all the characters are, though League players will already have that covered if they’re somewhat versed in the lore. Judging from the first issue’s cover, we already know Lux, Garen, and Sylas will be involved, so reading their bios and stories found through their individual Universe pages would be a wise place to start. O’Bryan suggested another story called “Flesh and Stone” and advised future readers to check out Sylas in particular.

“I would read 'Flesh and Stone' and probably the Sylas bio and color text,” O’Bryan said. “I think those are good places to start.”

“Flesh and Stone” explores Lux’s internal struggles with her magic, but it also features another champion named Galio, a mountainous monument to Demacia’s anti-magic ways. O’Bryan couldn’t say whether readers would see Galio and other Demacian champions throughout the Lux series, though, and said people will just have to read and find out for themselves.

The first issue of Lux is scheduled to release on May 8th. Information on how to purchase it when it’s available can be found here. If you're wondering why Lux was picked after Ashe to get her own series, we asked Riot Games about that, too.



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