League of Legends Teaser Trailer Previews Season 2021 Plans

Riot Games set a date not long ago for League of Legends’ big Season 2021 Opening Day livestream that’s scheduled to take place on January 8th. A few days ahead of that reveal, Riot teased some of what it’s planning to show off on Friday with a teaser trailer that featured brief clips from not only League of Legends but also the other games like Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics that now exist within the League of Legends ecosystem. The short video ended with a particularly cryptic teaser that players have already begun deciphering alongside everything else hinted at in the video ahead of the full trailer’s reveal.

League of Legends players and anyone else who dabbles in Riot Games’ other projects can check out the video below to see some of what’s to come during the Friday reveal. We see scenes from each of your favorite games from the League of Legends universe ahead of the ominous teaser at the end that features Senna, one of League’s many champions who’s connected to the Shadow Isles.

With captions on, it’s easier to make out what the whispery voice at the end says. The voice first says “he’s close” before saying “ruination” and finally saying “Viego” to close out the video. League players who’ve been keeping up with leaks and rumors will recall that Viego is supposed to be the newest champion joining the game next, a character who’s known as the Ruined King himself and is already deeply embedded in League’s lore.

Aside from that teaser, one of the other most prominent hints that players latched onto was the one showing five champions’ portraits beside one another. Those champions were Skarner, Nocturne, Quinn, Shyvana, and Udyr. Aside from being largely restricted to the Jungle role with the exception of Quinn, all the champions have one other thing in common: They’ve all been top candidates for potential reworks. Some of them have even shown up in official community votes where players got to choose which champions would get reworked next, and considering how they’re shown all together, it looks like 2021 may be their year.

Perhaps there’ll be another community vote again or perhaps the schedule for reworks is already laid out, but we’ll know for sure what’s planned for those champions and the rest of the League of Legends universe after Friday when the full trailer drops.