Watch Tyler1's First Unbanned League of Legends Stream

Watch live video from loltyler1 on www.twitch.tvTyler1 has officially had his League of Legends [...]

Watch live video from loltyler1 on

Tyler1 has officially had his League of Legends ban lifted, and following through on his promise to his fans, you can watch his first live stream through the tweet above as he plays League once again.

For those who have followed the story of Tyler1 and his ban from League of Legends, you almost certainly saw the recent news that he'd been unbanned from League after declaring that he's now a reformed player. While speaking to Riot Games several times and having all of his private League accounts turned over to the company to have his behavior reviewed, Riot reversed the ID ban that was levied against Tyler1.

Tyler1 is most well-known for playing Draven and running it down mid, but he probably won't be doing much of the latter anymore now that he's a self-proclaimed reformed player. He started his stream by dressing as the ax-throwing Draven himself before walking into view and flexing a few times to give the Twitch viewers what they wanted.

The Twitch chat is usually ripe with memes and fast-paced blurs of conversation, and Tyler1's return to the game was no exception. Even before the stream could start – it began late by the way, and Twitch chat reminded him of that repeatedly – the channel was filled with people subscribing to his channel so that they don't miss any of Tyler1's streams. The subscriptions haven't stopped coming either with more and more people subscribing to the channel, and the chat's been moving pretty quickly so far, even for Twitch chat.

As far as his future streams go, Tyler1 said that he hopes to continue streaming throughout the weekdays. You can subscribe to Tyler1's Twitch streams yourself to make sure you don't miss any of his streams, but don't expect to see as much toxicity as before.