LEGO Fortnite Animal Update Coming This Week

Get ready to make some Farm Friends!

After some teases over the weekend, Epic Games has pulled back the curtain on LEGO Fortnite's next update. Arriving on April 23rd, v29.30 is being called the "Farm Friends" update. When it drops, players will be able to have animals move into their Village. The game is adding pigs as a new animal option, and they can move into villages, as well as existing animals like chickens, sheep, and cows. To accommodate these potential new arrivals, the number of Villagers that can be recruited has been bumped up to 10: players will be able to have 3 Villagers, 3 animals, and there will be 4 slots that can feature either Villagers or animals. 

How to Get Animal Villagers

When the Farm Friends update goes live, players will have certain steps they must go through in order to get animals to move into their Village. The game will be introducing a new Station called an Animal House, and building it is the first step. The recipe will not be available until the Village is at least at Level 2. Once the player has built their first Animal House, they'll unlock the recipe to create Animal Treats. Players that want to get a specific animal to move into their Village will have to feed them one of those treats. If the treat gets accepted by that animal, players will have "a limited amount of time" to guide them back. 

If players encounter issues or if the animal takes damage along the way back to the Village, it could get spooked and run away. Additional Animal Treats can help it to recover HP, however. If the player is able to successfully get the animal back to the Village, the player can then have it move in. Only one animal can be assigned to each Animal House, so if players want to use all 7 possible slots on animal companions, they'll have to build 7 different houses for them. 

Keeping Animals Happy and Getting Rewarded

Getting animals to move in is not the final step, however. Apparently, these animals will move out if the player isn't meeting their needs. Players will have to feed them, pet them, and do other things to make sure they remain happy. There will be an option for players to assign a Villager to take care of these animals as well, which should help when the player needs to go take care of other business. 

Taking care of animals does pay off in different ways, so there is an incentive to have them around. All 4 animal types produce Fertilizer in addition to other resources: mushrooms (pigs), feathers (chickens), wool (sheep), and milk (cows). Players can also look forward to some new variations of animals, including new colors for cows and chickens. 

Are you looking forward to this LEGO Fortnite update? How many animal villagers do you plan on taking in? Share your thoughts with me directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp or on Instagram at @Dachampgaming!