LEGO Fortnite Teases New Animal, Farming Update

LEGO Fortnite's next update seems to be taking a look at farming and animals.

LEGO Fortnite players got some welcome Saturday teasers about what's coming to the game in the future, and from the looks of it, it seems as though the game's next update will be focused on taming animals and perhaps farming, too. The teasers in question show LEGO Fortnite characters discussing whether or not some of the animals would like to come live with them in the village while also showing a speed build of an area turned into a garden and a living space. Zooming out from those more specific teasers, people have also been quick to point out how these previews seem to line up nicely with a roadmap leak that hinted at this sort of thing and much more.

The LEGO Fortnite community's hopes for what's possibly coming in the next update were fueled by a pair of teasers shared by the official LEGO Fortnite social accounts. One of those showed the player chatting up Hayseed who suggested that maybe some of the animals like the sheep in the teaser would want to live in the village.

"The local animals seem really interested in the Village. I wonder if they want to live with us..." the teaser said.

Another teaser did not have such leading dialogue but instead showed a player converting an area into what may be a stable of some sort complete with crops growing around the perimeter of the build. If animals do want to live with you at your base of operations, it makes sense that you'd need to build them a new arrangement, so it seems both features will be part of the same update.

LEGO Fortnite does currently have animals in it as well as rudimentary ways of "taming" animals by luring them with food, but these teasers suggest the feature will be formalized and updated to be more in line with what players have been asking for. Those teasers were shared five hours apart, so while there's no guarantee that we'll get another one today, if we did, it might be shared around 7 p.m. ET if LEGO Fortnite's socials follow that same pattern.

If you took at look at the roadmap that's supposedly leaked this week not just for Fortnite but for LEGO Fortnite and the other two spin-off games, too, you'll recall that the April window featured an image that sure looks like it's teasing something akin to farming and the like. If that roadmap were leaked after these teasers, it'd be a bit more suspicious, but seeing how the roadmap surfaced first, it adds a bit of legitimacy to the rest of its contents, too. 

Updates for Fortnite and its various experiences are supposed to be releasing next week, so we'll see soon just what all this new LEGO Fortnite update entails.