Lego The Incredibles Game Confirmed, Coming Later This Year

Lego the Incredibles

Earlier this year, we posted a story talking about Travellers' Tales' future plans for Lego games, mentioning that there would be one based on Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles franchise, as well as a game featuring a who's who of DC Comics super-villains. While we're still waiting for confirmation on the latter, we know, at the very least, that Mr. Incredible and his family will be suiting up in Lego form.

A devoted Lego site called The Brick Fan recently posted a new image that confirms Lego The Incredibles is on the way, and scheduled for release "later this year". You can see the image below, from a tweet posted by Jason Inquires.

According to the site, "The Lego Incredibles 2 sets have started to show up early at Walmart and on the back of the instructions of the sets is a teaser for the Lego The Incredibles video game."

The image indicates that this will be a cross-platform release across the board, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The writer also notes, "The Lego Incredibles Video Game will mark the first time a Pixar property will become a Lego game and will be developed by TT games and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment."

Now, keep in mind that Warner Bros. and Disney have worked together before with the Cars 3 video game last year, so the two of them teaming up for a Lego game isn't such a far-fetched idea. Disney has been outsourcing its video game licensing ever since it shut down its Disney Infinity line of toys last year, shutting down its game operations for the most part.

It's unknown to what extent the Incredibles video game will cover the family's adventures, but it seems like the original movie, along with the sequel, The Incredibles 2, will be included, along with possible bonus content. Again, there's no release date, but it'll be this year sometime, either when the sequel hits theaters this summer, or maybe later this year with the home video release.

Warner Bros. should be officially announcing this game soon, along with that rumored DC Villains game. We'll let you know when official details become available.


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