Logan Paul Ends Up in Hospital After Pokemon Joke Goes Wrong

Logan Paul ended up in the hospital after a Pokemon prank of his went wrong. He ended up punching [...]

Logan Paul ended up in the hospital after a Pokemon prank of his went wrong. He ended up punching a wall after "ending up" with a fake Pikachu Illustrator card. Fans of the mercurial YouTuber are probably well aware of the rare Nintendo franchise pulls he's had in recent months. The Internet gathered around to marvel at Paul securing a $216,000 base set booster for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. One of his most notable wins in that stunt was a 1st Edition Charizard that ended up being valued at $85,000. Now, the Pikachu Illustrator card is one of the rarest Pokemon cards that you can acquire. It actually went for over $243,000 at auction in the past. So, if you found yourself with a fake one in the place of the genuine article, upset probably wouldn't begin to cover it.

Paul tweeted, "Found out my $2M Pikachu Illustrator card was fake, got angry & punched a window (it was supposed to be a joke), ended up nearly bleeding out and got 9 stitches. I've officially bled for Pokémon. help me."

Weirdly enough, this might help the YouTube sensation harden up those knuckles for his eventual bout with Floyd Mayweather this year. As if 2020 hasn't been bizarre enough, that's still on the horizon.

Mike Feinberg from The Fighting News explained, "I've got some breaking news for you. Floyd Mayweather Jr is coming out of retirement and has just officially signed a contract to fight in an exhibition match against Logan Paul. YouTube sensation Logan Paul."

"I don't understand the fight. Logan Paul has tried his hand at professional boxing, couldn't even beat the other nobody that nobody's ever heard of before," he added. "He's now zero and one. He's going to be fighting one of the best in Floyd Mayweather. It's going to be a joke of a fight. But, it's signed. It's official. I heard it from a reputable source today and even saw the signed picture of the signed contract where Floyd signed on the dotted line for this exhibition match."

"It's going to be a walk in the park for Floyd, it's going to be very simple. But, apparently, there's some kind of money in it because, it's going to be on YouTube and Paul's got a lot of follower. Once again, very simple."

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