Ludwig Pays His Twitch Mods Six-Figure Check After Record-Breaking Subathon

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren shattered Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' record for the most subscribers at a single point in time earlier this week on the back of a 31-day subathon. The moment was one that was monumental, not only for Twitch as a whole, but also the growing content creator. Now, after breaking this record, Ludwig is going to be sharing some of the wealth with his moderation team.

Prior to the start of his 31-day streaming marathon, Ludwig told his moderation team that he would pay them as a group $5,000 per day if they kept his chat clean throughout the event. The mod group ended up keeping up their end of the bargain and Ludwig ended up holding true to his word. However, rather than doling out $155,000 to the team, which is what $5,000 per day would end up equaling, one of Ludwig's mods, known as "slime", said that the streamer instead cut them all a check for $167,000.

If you're wondering how that breaks down on a per person basis, each member of the moderation team should have taken home roughly $9,823. Ludwig has 17 moderators in total which is how we get this number. As a whole, that's some pretty incredible money for only one month of work. While it's not clear just how many hours each mod may have had to work over this span of time, I would have to imagine that most of them are quite happy with this payout.

As for what Ludwig himself is going to with the rest of his money from this subathon, well, for starters he has to pay his taxes. After dealing with both the U.S. government and paying his moderators, Ludwig is giving a hefty portion of the money he earned to charity. Previously, the streamer said that $1 from every sub would later be given to charity once the subathon wrapped up. With all of these costs taken into account, Ludwig himself is only said to have walked away with a couple of thousand dollars, which is something that he says he is perfectly fine with.


So as you can see, it can pay off to be a Twitch moderator. While not all mods on the platform make money (especially of this amount), it's good to see that Ludwig is sharing the wealth with those around him who helped his recent subathon become a rousing success.

[H/T Dexerto]