Madden NFL 18's AI Breaks Due to One Specific Formation

Madden NFL 18 features a revamped AI system that integrates flawless gameplay between varying mechanics in-game regarding offensive and defensive play styles. The new and improved artificial intelligence systems offers much in the way of enhanced maneuverability, even adapting to individual player skill level and real-time reaction. There's just one kryptonite to this expansive AI system, and that's one formation called the "Gun Monster."

This particular formation sees three offensive lineman shielding the quarterback. Though two guards and one center running back, and the offensive tackles alongside the receivers, this may seem strange but is actually a deployable strategy used with the NFL. Apparently the game's AI finds this particular formation strange as well, because it doesn't seem able to compute the receding protection that the quarterback receives. The entire confused mess can be seen in the video above as the AI tries to overcompensate for what it registers as a loss of proper defensive protection.

Because the "Gun Monster" isn't a practical play when playing against humans, it's hardly ever seen but when faced against an AI team, the chances of the AI making a successful play are nearly impossible because of its inability to adapt. As far as Madden NFL 18 goes, this bug will be fixed soon according to EA:

We are aware of an issue with the Gun Monster formation which is causing problems with in-game AI. The issue has been identified, and will be fixed in a forthcoming Title Update."

Madden NFL 18 is currently available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners.


(via Kotaku)