Magic: The Gathering Reveals Time Spiral Remastered Release Date, Details

Magic: The Gathering fans can soon take a trip through time with the Time Spiral Remastered set. Wizards of the Coast has announced that the new Magic: The Gathering release will hit stores on March 19th. The company also revealed the Lotus Bloom Buy-a-Box promo card, which you can see below. The card features artwork by Christopher Rush, a foil finish, and uses the original Magic: The Gathering card frame instead of the modern card frame that's been in use since Core Set Eighth Edition released in 2003. Again, we're dealing with time travel here, and the original Time Spiral block played with card frames.

Time Spiral Remastered is the first "Remastered" Magic: The Gathering releasing for tabletop play, where others have only appeared in digital clients. It is designed as "a new way to experience the Time Spiral block." That block consisted of three sets. Time Spiral release in 2016. Its two successors, Planar Chaos and Future Sight followed in 2007. Wizards of the Coast promises that Time Spiral Remastered "will feature fan favorites from all three sets, distilled into one draft experience” Each pack will contain one "timeshifted" card featuring the original Magic card frame as seen on the Lotus Bloom.

Time Spiral Remastered Lotus Bloom
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Wizards of the Coast offered some further details about the new set's release. The set comes with draft boosters in 36-count boxes. The launch weekend will be devoted to limited play. Events include Booster Draft and Sealed tournaments, and stores can opt to host their event via webcam and Discord.

The Time Spiral block introduced new Artifact subtypes including Fortifications and Contraptions and keywords including Split Second, Suspend, and Vanishing. It also drew several keywords from Magic's history and imagined future.


The Time Spiral story took place 200 years into the future, after the defeat of the Pyhrexians and the fall of Dominaria. The planar decay of Magic's original setting is displayed in-game through a cycle of Legendary Lands representing ruined versions of Legendary Lands from past Magic sets.

This information comes just ahead of Wizards of the Coast revealing its next Magic: The Gathering Standard set, the Viking and Norse mythology-themed Kaldheim. That reveal takes place on January 7th. Upcoming 2021 sets include Strixhaven, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and two sets in the gothic plane Innistrad. There's also Modern Horizons 2, a follow-up to the popular previous Modern Horizons set, which introduces new cards specifically for the Modern format.