Magic: The Gathering Explains New Adventure Mechanic

Magic: The Gathering's newest set, Throne of Eldraine, has yet to release, but that time is quickly closing in, and very little has been revealed about the cards therein so far. That is, until now. In addition to some kind of reveal scheduled later today, the folks at Wizards of the Coast have now gone on record to explain one of the new mechanics in the set: Adventure.

Historically, Magic: The Gathering introduces at least one new mechanic in every set or block, and Throne of Eldraine is expected to be no different. Additionally, it's been previously revealed that the set will be based on fairy tales and stuff like Arthurian legends, so the thought is that the set will overall be a bit different and strange when compared to its predecessors. And that's where the Adventure mechanic comes in, which is slightly different from what the game has done in the past.

"One of the really cool new mechanics in this set is called adventure," Gavin Verhey, Senior Magic Product Architect, told IGN. "This represents how the various knights and characters of the world go out on… well, adventures! You can tell which cards are adventures from their very unique frame that looks a bit like a storybook. You can always play a card for it’s normal mana cost, in the top right… Or if it’s in your hand, you can pay the adventure cost and send it away on an adventure! It’ll do the effect in the adventure textbox, you’ll exile the card, and then you can still cast it later on. It’s a great way to get extra value out of each and every one of your adventure cards!"

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Magic: The Gathering's Throne of Eldraine set is scheduled to release on October 4th, with prerelease scheduled to take place beginning September 27th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Magic: The Gathering right here.