Mario Kart Confirmed For Super Mario Movie

Mario Kart looks to play a significant role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie if the film's latest trailer is anything to go by. Mario is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in all of gaming, partially because he's in a very diverse franchise. Although he started as the lead character of a platforming series, Mario and his friends have become associated with a number of other genres and made major innovations across the industry. From platformers to party games to kart racers, Mario is at the center of it all and it appears that the new film plans to highlight that in a big way.

The new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie confirms that Mario Kart will be featured in the film along with a version of Rainbow Road. Mario will have his signature go-kart and will be joined with a ton of characters including Peach, Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, Toad, and many, many more. It's unclear why they're all driving go-karts across Rainbow Road, but it doesn't seem to be a race. It appears to be a convoy, so perhaps this is the start of the finale to the movie and will serve as Mario rallying a bunch of allies to storm Bowser's castle. This is pure speculation since we don't have much else to go off of, but the fact that we're even getting Mario Kart in The Super Mario Bros. Movie is incredibly exciting. Perhaps this bodes well for references to other iconic Mario games, such as Mario Party, reimagined within the context of this film.

Fans have also been hoping for a Super Smash Brothers movie at some point, though it seems unlikely such a thing will happen in this movie given the scale of it already. Perhaps a spin-off could happen if this film proves successful and the studios that hold the various licenses can come to an agreement of some kind. Either way, it's great to see Mario Kart featured so prominently. 

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