Report: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Story DLC Could Come This Summer

Mario and rabbids

We've talked quite a bit about Ubisoft's DLC plans for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in the past, with the discussion of a new hero and a new world set to be introduced to the game. However, it appears that there's much more on the way, as the publisher could be expanding its main plot even further.

A Twitter user by the name of SwitchIndie managed to catch a glimpse at some images from the Japanese eShop for the Nintendo Switch, indicating that some "big" content is coming to the system on June 30th, 2018.

Although the text in the images below is untranslated, it points to potential story downloadable content for the game, although it's unknown just what direction it'll be taking yet.

The Twitter user noted, "Not a Nindie, but I think I stumbled upon the DLC date for the story expansion (at least in Japan) for #MarioRabbids…on the Japanese eshop listing for the expansion pass it lists this." And then the two below images show the date.

Mario and rabbids 3
(Photo: Switch Indie Twitter)
Mario and Rabbids 2
(Photo: Switch Indie Twitter)

Neither Ubisoft nor Nintendo have mentioned anything official just yet, but with a rumored Nintendo Direct special set to take place this month, there's a good chance we could learn more about the DLC, at that point. That's not a guarantee, by any means, but considering the popularity of the game, it wouldn't be a surprise if we saw some sort of details pop up.


So, for now, we're taking the story with a grain of salt, but considering that the listing came from the official Japanese eshop, we're likely to hear about what's happening very soon – and maybe we'll finally get that confirmation about the new hero coming to the game as well. Fingers crossed that it's Waluigi – because, c'mon, he's Waluigi!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is available now for Nintendo Switch.