Marvel Champions Announces Next Hero Pack

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will add Nova as its next hero. Earlier today, Fantasy Flight Games announced the Nova Hero Pack for its Marvel Champions card game, which will add new cards for Sam Alexander and his Nova alter-ego. The pre-built hero deck will be an Aggression-themed deck, with Nova having the ability to generate and quickly use "wild" resources. Nova's signature Supernova Helmet generates one wild resource every round, which can then be used to play event cards from his deck without sacrificing additional cards. The new Nova deck also comes with Ms. Marvel as an ally, which allows her to recycle event cards after they've been played.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game, with new content added to the game every month. Players choose a single main hero and build a deck using cards unique to that hero, "basic cards" that can be added to any deck, and cards from one of four different aspects. The game comes with both standalone scenarios to play through as well as campaigns that give player the chance to upgrade cards and earn powerful bonuses as they progress through the storyline.

The Nova Hero Pack is also the first individual Hero Pack that comes with an additional modular encounter set, which players can use when building encounter decks to add some additional variance. This particular set adds Armadillo, a villain who can add unlimited "Tough" status cards, which makes him a priority to defeat when he comes into play.   

The new set follows the recent release of "Sinister Motives," a set focused on Spider-Man's iconic group of foes. In addition to adding Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider as new heroes, players can also play through a campaign that includes Venom, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, and several other new villains. Because Marvel Champions often releases Hero Packs that have some thematic ties to boxed sets, expect to see more characters with ties to the Spider-Man universe announced in the coming months.