Marvel Contest of Champions Adds Nova

Marvel Contest of Champions welcomed yet another hero to the game this week when it added the superhero known as Nova. The Marvel character who harnesses the power of the Nova Force joins the game as a Defender with his own set of unique abilities and stats. Marvel Contest of Champions developer Kabam Games introduced the hero on Thursday and gave an overview of what Nova is capable of by detailing his strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

Kabam Games spotlighted the newest Contest of Champions hero on the game's site where it laid out everything he can do. The Marvel hero had his abilities thrust upon him without much guidance on how to use them and went on to team up with other heroes throughout the Marvel universe.

But those who know Nova and have been awaiting his arrival will likely already know what the character's backstory is. Regarding what he can do in the game, Kabam gave a quick overview of his mechanics and the abilities he can use.

"Nova wields the power of the Nova Force," an overview of the character said. "This force manifests itself in the form of powerful gravimetric energy beams, protective shielding, and flight for its user. Nova is a powerful and mobile Defender who generates his power by actively moving around the arena. As he attains more and more power, Nova unlocks new abilities of the Nova Force: increased Energy Damage, the ability to Auto-Block while Stunned, and will eventually become Unblockable for a short period if his power is left unchecked."

Nova has multiple abilities and strengths that emphasize the Cosmic character's fighting style as made evident in the trailer above that showed some of them in-game. One of the abilities that was mentioned most often throughout the breakdown of the character was Nova's Auto-Block mechanic that fends off attacks unless opponents can Nullify his permanent Fury Buff.


"Nova Auto-Blocks if Struck while dashing forward as long as he has a Fury Buff active," a summary of the Auto-Block ability read. "Nova is also very resilient against Attackers with True Strike, Unblockable, or Guaranteed Critical Hits. This gives him considerable defense and protection while he moves around the arena, and makes him very tricky to deal with as a Defender."

Nova is now available in Marvel Contest of Champions.