Marvel: Crisis Protocol Previews Venom, Shuri, and Okoye

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has shown previews for Venom, Shuri, and Okoye, three of the next characters coming to the popular tabletop game. Atomic Mass Games, the maker of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, revealed the character cards for all three figures in a livestream on Twitch yesterday, revealing their stats, attacks, and superpowers. The three characters will be released in two separate character packs in January - Venom will be released as a standalone character, while Okoye and Shuri will be bundled together.

All three characters are versatile and should have a place in many team rosters. Venom is one of the most dangerous characters in the game - a high-powered attacker that self-heals and prevents players from modifying its defense dice. Venom's default Symbiote Tendrils causes bleed to its target, while "We Are Venom" is a massive attack that heals Venom equal to the amount of damage he inflicts. Venom also has several superpowers that allows him to throw or push opponents around the board, along with the ability to wall-crawl up terrain.

Both Shuri and Okoye serve as more support characters. Shuri's superpowers allow her to manipulate dice rolls by granting re-rolls to herself or allies, or by changing blocks into successes when making attack rolls. She can also generate a steady supply of energy by using her Panther Gauntlets and "Head of Wakanda R&D" superpowers. With the Advanced R&D Team Tactics card, Shuri can then distribute that power to her allies, making her a fantastic compliment to characters who need Power to unleash their biggest attacks. Okoye, meanwhile, is the second character with a Threat Level of 2, and has a range of defensive abilities meant to protect allies. Using her Bodyguard superpower, Okoye can deflect attacks meant for an ally onto herself, and her two innate superpowers gives her some handy boosts to negate damage. Okoye mostly acts as a way to keep characters like the Hulk alive long enough for them to do the ideal amount of damage in battle.


All three characters will be available in January. The Venom Character Pack will cost $24.95 and the Okoye and Shuri Character Pack will cost $39.95.