Marvel Rivals Releases New Loki Playable Character Trailer

Marvel's god of mischief takes center stage in a new trailer.

When the closed alpha test for Marvel Rivals begins next month, players will be able to choose from a number of heroes and villains spanning the multiverse. Last month, developer NetEase Games revealed that one of those options will include Loki Laufeyson. In a newly released trailer for the game, the adopted brother of Thor can be seen using some of his familiar abilities from the MCU and 616. Loki is classified under the game's "Strategist" type, and some of his moves will include the creation of duplicates and decoys. Loki can also be heard shouting "your powers are mine" as he impersonates the game's other playable characters. 

The trailer for Loki in Marvel Rivals can be found below. 

What's Loki Planning in Marvel Rivals?

The storyline for Marvel Rivals centers around Doctor Doom and Doom 2099 warring for control of the multiverse, and the game's playable cast will be working against them. Naturally, Loki has an agenda of his own, and it seems that his goal is the domination of every timeline in the multiverse. Loki's already begun his path towards conquest, taking control of a new area known as Yggsgard. Yggsgard is a fusion of Asgard and Yggdrasill, and will appear as one of the maps found in the game

Interestingly enough, Thor is not among the playable characters that have been announced for Marvel Rivals, and the description of today's new video reveals that Loki "banished his elder brother." That would explain the Odinson's absence, and it will be interesting to see if Thor makes it into the game as a later addition. It seems Loki has gotten a rare victory over Thor, but that probably won't last for too long!  

Marvel Rivals Platforms and Alpha Test

At this time, Marvel Rivals has only been announced for PC. A closed alpha test for the game will be taking place on May 10th, and those interested in signing up can do so right here. As can be seen from today's new trailer, the game is a third-person hero shooter, similar to games like Overwatch. The key difference being, of course, that Marvel Rivals features some of Marvel's most iconic characters, as well as some deeper cuts. In addition to characters like Loki, Spider-Man, and Iron Man, there are also options like Peni Parker and Luna Snow. 

While NetEase has yet to confirm console versions of Marvel Rivals, several leaks have suggested that game will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Since those platforms haven't been officially confirmed, there's really no way of knowing if Marvel Rivals will end up on console around the same time as PC. However, unless something major changes over the next couple weeks, that closed alpha test will only be available to Marvel fans on PC. 

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