Marvel's Avengers Black Widow and Hulk Gameplay Details Revealed

Hulk and Black Widow are two of the five confirmed playable characters in Marvel's Avengers, which is poised to release next year on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. That said, developer Crystal Dynamics has yet to reveal any gameplay of the title, meaning we have no clue how any of the heroes actually play. However, we do have some gameplay details about Black Widow and Hulk specifically.

According to Crystal Dynamics' Vincent Napoli, every hero's design and combat playstyle was realized and created before the larger gameplay system was created in order to ensure each character felt, well, like that character.

"Hulk is a class by himself. He’s the class of Hulk, and we built around that," said Napoli speaking of the big green rage machine. "He’s all about weaponizing the world. He can weaponize enemies, weaponize the environment. There’s a lot of depth in the abilities that you can unlock as you start to weaponize one enemy, two enemies, what you can do with them, the types of environments you grab."

Napoli continued by noting that Hulk has a full navigation set when he interacts with objects. He can run with objects, unleash different attacks and abilities, and more. And this implies to enemies, which he can interact with in a similar fashion. According to Napoli, Hulk is fueled by his rage, which players sometimes have to manage. And when you play as him, Crystal Dynamics wants you to be offensive and not have to worry about doing anything but tapping into this rage. And so he doesn't block, rather he emits a gamma radiation in a region, which allows him to flinch off attacks. Basically, playing him is all about balancing his rage.

"Black Widow is sort of the opposite end of the spectrum. She’s stealthy. She’s quick. Her attacks and combos are very fast," added Napoli. "They’re about setting up enemies. We have a pretty massive reaction system. She has spin attacks that deal critical damage when enemies are exposed. She has attacks that set enemies up in order to essentially backstab them."

Black Widow has innate stealth abilities that no one else has, but she can grant them to other members of the team, and so in ways she's a support character. She can stealth the entire team, but she also packs a punch when you time her attacks with stealth.


Marvel's Avengers will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia when it releases next year on May 15.

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