Marvel's Avengers Finally Gives Fans What They Want With New Black Widow MCU Suit

Marvel's Avengers has finally given fans of the Avengers game what they want with a new Black Widow MCU suit, or at least it's about to give fans what they've been waiting for. When developer Crystal Dynamics first began releasing MCU suits for the game this year, many of them caused a substantial backlash, with players taking umbrage with the little effort they displayed. For example, some early MCU suits for Black Widow lacked the proper hair color. Fast-forward several months, and it seems that Crystal Dynamics heard these complaints as they've begun to go the extra mile with the suits. Today, this resulted in the first MCU suit for Black Widow that changes the character's hair from orange/red to blonde, which it should be.

The new MCU suit is "inspired" by Black Widow's Infinity War outfit. As you may remember, in Infinity War, Black Widow had blonde hair, and so does this new skin. However, while in Infinity War Black Widow's hair is straight, in the game it remains curly like the base model of the character. 

As noted in the tweet below -- which comes courtesy of the official Marvel's Avengers Twitter account -- the new MCU suit is set to release tomorrow, December 16. Right now, there's no word how much it will cost, but it will presumably cost the same premium price as other and previous MCU suits.

While many fans are thrilled to see the new MCU suit and see it done right, others still aren't happy about the lack of Spider-Man suits. Meanwhile, others continue to complain about the lack of content in general.

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