Marvel's Avengers Is Adding Mighty Thor Very Soon

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the next Marvel's Avengers character -- Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor -- is coming before the end of the month. More specifically, in a new update released today, Crystal Dynamics said it "expects the Goddess of Thunder to join your Avengers roster in just a few weeks in late June." Why a specific date hasn't been provided yet, is unclear, but it's likely being held for the reveal of the character, which has yet to happen.

What we do know is that Jane Foster will come with her own Hero Challenge Card and a new Heroic mission chain that "rewards cosmetics and intelligence files that tell the story of how this version of Jane Foster found her way to our universe." Adding to this, and getting out ahead of complaints that the character is going to be similar to Thor in terms of gameplay, Crystal Dynamics notes the character is fully voiced and has her own suite of new abilities and gear. This means she will have her own cosmetics, emotes, takedowns, and nameplates in addition to "Jane-specific remixes of existing Thor takedowns and emotes."

"In our previous update, we revealed that, as Thor, some of Jane's abilities will naturally echo the Odinson's," says Crystal Dynamics. "However, Jane is her own kind of Thor and several design changes set her apart. The biggest differences start with a new Intrinsic, All-Mother's Blessing, and a new Overcharge ability, God Tempest. Her Ultimate Ability, the All-Weapon, is also brand new as we draw inspiration from her comic runs as Thor and Valkyrie and allow you to smite foes with Undrjarn as well as Mjölnir. Some of Jane's baseline abilities are also new, including her new ranged combo, and a new ranged power attack. On top of that, Jane will perform some of the familiar abilities she shares with Odinson with her own signature flair."

Looking ahead, Crystal Dynamics teases that a story video, a gameplay trailer, dev blogs, and livestreams are in the pipeline and coming before the character's launch. You can read more about the rollout and what's coming after it, right here.

Marvel's Avengers is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia. For more coverage on the Avengers game, click here.