The Mighty Thor: Out of Time Stealth Release Surprises Avengers Fans

The Mighty Thor: Out of Time has been stealth released ahead of Jane Foster's arrival in Marvel's Avengers on June 28. Marvel's Avengers fans finally have a release date for The Mighty Thor, the game's next character, and first since Spider-Man was added last fall. Of course, Spider-Man was only added to the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, so for some, this will be the first new character since Black Panther was added. Unfortunately, we still haven't seen the character in-game yet, despite the release being only a week away, This should change very quickly, but for now, all fans have is The Mighty Thor: Out of Time, a special video that reveals how Jane Foster joined the Avengers.

"From an apocalypse of fire and blood to a new world," writes the game's official Twitter account in new post sharing the video. "The Mighty Thor may be no stranger to battling gods, evil, and disease, but traveling between universes is a new kind of experience. Watch The Mighty Thor: Out of Time to see how Jane Foster joins our Avengers!"

Again, as you can see in the video below, there is now in-game look at the character, which has upset many fans. Replying to one fan asking to see the character in the actual game, the same Twitter account teases to "keep your eyes peeled, there's more coming this week."

Unfortunately, there's no word when exactly the character will be revealed, but this is likely all fans will be getting today. Previously, developer Crystal Dynamics teased it would provide raw gameplay, dev diaries, and more, so it should be a jam-packed seven days for fans of the 2020 game. 

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