Marvel's Iron Man VR Release Date Revealed

Today, developer Camouflaj and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment -- in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment -- revealed a brand-new trailer for Marvel's Iron Man VR at New York Comic-Con. Unfortunately, the trailer hasn't been posted online yet, but during the panel, Marvel revealed the game will release on February 28, 2020 via the PlayStation VR and the PlayStation VR only. Elsewhere during the panel, Marvel also confirmed the game's villain will be Ghost, a common adversary of Iron Man. In the Marvel Cinematic universe, Ghost is a female villain, and so tapping into this, Chantelle Berry will be playing the character in the game. Meanwhile, Josh Keaton will be playing Iron Man.

"It was almost like I was getting fit for an Iron Man mask," Keaton said talking about the role during the panel. "I've actually been able to walk around and make Iron Man do all kinds of silly things in the mansion. It's been a lot of fun."

"There really was no preparation for the audition," continued Keaton. "It was a guy who was bearing his sole to, didn't say, but I'm assuming a support group. As he's talking to them, you can tell he has all of these issues from his past that haunt him...his whole speech was about redemption, second chances, and giving back. Amongst all of that vulnerability, there was still this quiet confidence." When he finished the scene, he asked, "Is this Tony Stark? Is this Iron Man?"

"So, I'm the main antagonist to one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, it was incredible," added Berry speaking about her role as Ghost. "For Ghost, I think like most villains, she's very multidimensional. Very heavily layered character...her motivation for wanting to take down Tony, it's very, very deeply emotional for her. I can't reveal too much, obviously, but there are a lot of layers. It's very very fun to play Ghost. I don't feel like I'm playing a villain when I play her. I feel like I'm the hero."

Marvel's Iron Man VR will be available on PlayStation VR when it launches next year. Below, you can read more about the game:


"Don the PlayStation VR headset to suit up as the Armored Avenger in an original Iron Man adventure! Using two PlayStation Move motion controllers, fire up Iron Man's Repulsor Jets and blast into the skies with an arsenal of iconic Iron Man weapons at your fingertips. Face off against Iron Man's greatest foes in high stakes, action-packed battles. Upgrade tech in Tony Stark's garage to customize Iron Man's sleek suit and awesome abilities."