'Marvel's Spider-Man': How to Unlock the Secret ESU Suit

The video above may contain minor spoilers for different suits and objectives in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man players who think they’ve collected all the suits in the game might have one more to obtain with the ESU Suit hidden behind a secret challenge.

Added as part of the day one patch that was released for the game as it was launched, the ESU Suit is as close as players will get to running around Manhattan as Peter Parker without his traditional Spider-Man costume. He wears an Empire State University shirt that players might see other NPCs around the game wearing on occasion, a shirt from the fictional New York university that Parker attended. Coupled with jeans, shoes, and the normal Spider-Man mask, the suits a much more casual look for the hero.

You won’t find a silhouette of this suit anywhere in the suit selection screen though, so there’s no direct prompt on how to unlock it. Players have already started acquiring it though by completing a photo challenge that tasks players with seeking out secret locations that are far less obvious than those found in the Landmark Token challenges.


To obtain the suit, players have to first find 50 different secret photo locations and snap a picture there using the same camera Spider-man uses to complete the Landmark challenges. YouTuber JorRaptor shared the video above that showed exactly where each of the photo opportunities can be found with the locations divided up throughout the different districts that the map is divided into. There are some minor spoilers in the video since JorRaptors shows Spider-Man swinging around in a variety of suits and shows different icons on the map that deal with certain challenges, so it might be best to revisit it later if you don’t want to risk having anything spoiled before you find it yourself.

Spider-Man ESU Suit
(Photo: ResetEra)

Once you find all 50 locations and snap a passable picture with the artwork or point of interest in focus, the suit will automatically be unlocked. Outside of using a guide to find all the locations, players will have to just point their camera around and look for the green indicator — at least until they hit level 50. After reaching that level, a Suit Mod called Proximity Sensor is unlocked that reveals the secret photo locations when players get near them. They only show up on the mini-map though, so there’s still going to be a lot of travel involved to find all 50.