This Marvel's Spider-Man Statue Costs $1,100

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4, there’s a good chance you’ve completed all of the DLC and may even own some collectible merch from the game. For the most devoted of fans, Marvel has partnered with Sideshow and PCS Collectibles to unveil an incredibly detailed and incredibly expensive statue immortalizing the game’s signature Advanced Suit. You may need a payment plan to add this statue to your collection though since the collectible will run you $1,100 if you want to own one.

The statue in question can be found through Sideshow’s site and can be seen in the tweet below that announced its arrival in the online store. The 1:3 scale statue stands at 24 inches tall and is 17 inches wide, and if you opt for the “Exclusive” edition, it comes with a flexible web accessory for Spider-Man to wield. The standard “Collector Edition” doesn’t come with that, but the price doesn’t change regardless of which one you pick.

Spider-Man needs no introduction, but if it’s been a while since you played Marvel’s Spider-Man, the base might not look as recognizable. This base is modeled after Mister Negative’s demon form that’s seen during Spider-Man’s climactic fight against the villain in the PlayStation 4 game.

“The Spider-Man Advanced Suit 1:3 Scale Statue captures all of the action and web-slinging thrills of the hit video game in a dynamic collectible format,” Sideshow said about its new statue. “The statue measures 24’’ tall as Peter Parker leaps into battle against Martin Li, also known as the villainous Mister Negative. Charged up with negative energy, Li’s mystical and monstrous Demon form serves as the statue base and brings fans back to the center of an epic boss battle translated right from the screen to your shelf.”

Only one statue can be sold to each person, but that’s probably not something the typical buyer would have to worry about since it’s already so expensive. It’s a large price tag for the statue, but those who purchase statues and other collectibles will know that this $1,100 price isn’t too out of line from what’s been seen before. The bright side is that the statue isn’t expected to arrive until the first quarter of 2021, so you’ve got time save up or pay it off before the.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for the PlayStation 4, and you can find Sideshow’s new statue here.


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