Marvel's Spider-Man is Getting a Script Book

Marvel's Spider-Man was one of the biggest games of 2018. Developed by Insomniac Games, the PlayStation 4 exclusive truly channeled the heart of Marvel's web-spinner, and a large part of that came down to the game's storyline. Fans looking for more information on the creation of the game's story will be interested to know that Marvel Games has announced Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book, a 240-page hardcover release coming early next year! The tome should provide readers with some insight into the writing process behind the creation of the game's story, in addition to art from the game, behind-the-scenes info and more! UPDATE: Pre-orders are live now.

While video game art books and encyclopedias have become more and more common for major releases, this might be one of the first video game script books ever made publicly available. Script books for comics and film tend to be relatively straightforward, mostly mirroring the final product. With video games, however, writers have to work around the actual gameplay, so this could be a very interesting window into part of the development process that gamers just don't often get to see.

Marvel's Spider-Man makes a lot of sense for this format. The game pulled in elements from a number of different Spider-Man stories from across various mediums. Writers Jon Paquette, Christos Gage, and Benjamin Arfmann put together a compelling Spider-Man story, and there are a number of people that will likely want to see how it all came together. In a release from Marvel Games, VP & Creative Director Bill Rosemann discussed the book, and why fans should be excited to check it out.

“Spider-Man’s awesome fans demand and hunger for that magic mix of action, drama, romance, humor and pathos that Marvel’s most talented creators have woven through his best stories. Did we succeed in our goal? Now, whether you’ve played the game or not, you can judge for yourself as the Marvel’s Spider-Man Script Book takes you behind the scenes with the complete script, amazing artwork and insightful quotes from the creators themselves! This is Marvel’s first ever book publishing the script of a video game, so you can also be a part of history as we swing into what we hope is a worthy addition to the web-slinger’s spectacular library.”

Marvel's Spider-Man Script Book will swing into comic shops January 29, 2020 and everywhere else February 11, 2020.


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