'Mass Effect Andromeda' Xbox One X Enhanced Listing Spotted

We are just one day away from N7 day and though it doesn't look like we'll be getting a new Mass Effect game anytime soon while the attention is on Anthem, it doesn't look like the celebratory day for the BioWare iconic franchise will be totally silent.

When a game is Xbox One X-enhanced, that means that the base game itself is overhauled visually and performance-wise for the powerhouse console. Many older titles have seen dramatic improvements with their X upgrades, and it looks like the latest in the Mass Effect series is about to follow - at least according to the below listing:

screen shot 2018-11-06 at 12.59.57 pm
(Photo: Windows Central)

Mass Effect Andromeda. The space action RPG that BioWare fans were excited to see after saying farewell to their Shepards past definitely met with more turbulence than Ryder faced landing on Habitat 7. Some loved the new tale of the Ryder family, others felt the new story fell flat and were confused by the animations. Though the studio that worked on the latest title was a brand new, and much smaller, studio with less than ideal conditions, many fans felt almost betrayed by the focus being primarily set on the newest IP Anthem instead of their highly anticipated Mass Effect series.

When BioWare announced their cancellation of all Andromeda-related content aside from the novelizations, the collective community - especially the ones that enjoyed Ryder's very different attitude from Shepard - was gutted. Since then, BioWare has promised it's not gone for good, though the hiatus will be lengthy. What the future holds for the galaxy remains to be seen.

Despite its critique and rough animations at launch, the story was actually pretty enjoyable! It's not meant to compare to the original trilogy as a whole, but as comparable to Mass Effect 1. Just like in the first game, we thought Geth and Saren were the big bad until the very end, only to find a much bigger danger lurking in the dark, that's how the Kett were to this narrative. It was a jumpstart title to launch a brand new trilogy with a protagonist younger, more inexperienced and relatable, than the heroic Shepard we met through the previous games.

Additionally, the game is super cheap pretty much everywhere right now! It's slow to start with a starting area that takes forever, but once the ball gets rolling and the character engagement begins, Andromeda is a buried treasure that is worth exploring.


Mass Effect Andromeda is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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