Master Chief Voice Actor Shares 'Halo' TV Series News, Fans Think He's Involved

In case you missed the news Monday, Showtime’s forthcoming series based on Microsoft’s Halo [...]

Master Chief

In case you missed the news Monday, Showtime's forthcoming series based on Microsoft's Halo games is moving along beautifully now that Master Chief has been confirmed to be a big part of it. It's unknown just how deep his story arc will go, but fans are certainly thrilled that he's going to be involved.

As part of that story, we were beginning to wonder if Steve Downes, who voices the iconic hero in the games, would be a part of the project. He hasn't said for sure, but his recent actions have fans wondering if something could be happening.

Downes recently took to Twitter and forwarded the link of our story to his fans, which got a ton of responses from the Halo community. However, he stopped short of confirming anything, simply noting that Master Chief was now a part of the series.

Even though Downes hasn't said anything, fans have expressed their desire to see him come on board the project. You can see some of the sample tweets below!

Don't be surprised if you see a fan campaign to push Downes to fulfill his Master Chief role on the show. These fans absolutely want to see it that way — and we kind of do, too.

We'll let you know once Downes confirms anything. But the show's still in the early production phase and won't premiere until 2020, so it'll be awhile until we hear anything official.

But, yeah, fingers crossed that Showtime brings him in. It just wouldn't be Master Chief without, well, Master Chief.