Metal Gear Survive Producer Says No to Pay-to-win Microtransactions and Loot Boxes

Those considering purchasing Metal Gear Survive may have some concerns about the game’s features [...]


Those considering purchasing Metal Gear Survive may have some concerns about the game's features in relation to the acclaimed series, but at least pay-to-win microtransactions won't be among those reservations.

Metal Gear producer Yuji Korekado spoke in an interview in the most recent edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK and discussed the upcoming Metal Gear Survive game and its features that include microtransactions. While these in-game purchases were spotted recently and included buying boosts and defenders to help you fend off waves of zombie-like enemies, Korekado says that they won't be pay-to-win purchases. He also debunked the idea that the game might have any kind of loot boxes, a feature that many games are straying away from or adjusting their view on recently.

"There will not be loot boxes, and there will not be Pay-to-Win types of microtransactions," Korekado said. "There will be things like the accessories in Metal Gear Online, and Forward Operating Base in MGSV: The Phantom Pain."

In addition to discussing the microtransactions that players can either choose to partake in or ignore entirely, Korekado also opened up about the game's place in the Metal Gear series. With Metal Gear Survive being the first game in the series to be released since Hideo Kojima left Konami and the series, players who loved the previous installations were concerned with the route that the game was taking. Fending off waves of creatures while building up your base and gathering supplies is certainly a deviation, and for anyone who mistakenly believed that this game would be a continuation of the Metal Gear series and not a spin-off like it is, the producer apologizes for any confusion.

"Fans and gamers in general seemed to take Metal Gear Survive to be a continuation of the Metal Gear series, so I regret that we caused that confusion," he said.

Metal Gear Survive is playable for the first time through an open beta period that began on Jan. 18 and is scheduled to run until Jan. 22, so there's still some time to get in and try it yourself before the game releases on Feb. 20 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.