'Metro' Creator Comments on 'Metro Exodus' Moving From Steam to Epic Games

Earlier today, we released a story that the original series creator Dmitri Glukhovsky had some less than kind words to say about the decision to pull Metro Exodus from Steam libraries and over into the new Epic Games store. It seems that the original intent was lost in translation, though differently translated comments provided by Epic Games themselves looks to paint a clearer picture -- one less disgruntled by the surprising news.


The above screenshots from the now removed Instagram post show three different instances where the writer of the novels doesn't seem opposed to the move as original reports suggested. When GamingBolt first broke the story from a Reddit post, it seems that the death of the franchise remark originally made was taken out of context.

As seen in the above posts, the first two panels have the below translation whereas panel 3 is in English:

  1. Translation: "Why don't you just buy it at Epic?"
  2. Translation: "People are trying to find excuses to download the game for free." (e.g., pirate the game)
  3. "Why? I think Epic will [do] everything to help, and I did not have an impression that Steam gives [a] shit"

As mentioned in our previous coverage, the Metro Exodus community was divided when the team over at Deep Silver suddenly swapped the title's availability from Steam over to the newly revealed Epic Games store. Some didn't feel affected at all, while others straight up review bombed the former Steam listing.

Despite the mixed reactions, we have shared in the past how the Epic Games online store gives back to gamers and developers alike. With incredible revenue splits and a rapidly growing library, the "new kid on the block" in the PC arena does seem to have gamers' best interests at heart.