Metroid Prime Nintendo Switch Remaster Verified by Insider

Within the past week, a new report came about suggesting that Nintendo would look to release a new remaster of the original Metroid Prime on Nintendo Switch within the coming year. At the time, only a single, yet reputable, source had suggested that this release would be coming about in 2022, and as such, some fans had qualms about its legitimacy. Fortunately, another insider has since corroborated the claim, seemingly verifying that a Metroid Prime remaster is coming soon. 

According to video game industry reporter Jeff Grubb, Nintendo is planning to launch a remaster of Metroid Prime on the Switch in the future. Grubb noted that although he has previously heard that Nintendo was going to bring over the entire Metroid Prime trilogy to the platform, he has since learned that only the first installment in the series is the one that will be getting remastered. "I think that Nintendo will rerelease Metroid Prime 1 on Switch instead of Trilogy. It has been working on this for years, and when I first heard, everyone (including me) assumed it was the Trilogy," Grubb said on social media recently. He didn't go on to say when the remaster in question might release, but he stated that he believes the previous report from one Emily Rogers was accurate. As such, a 2022 release seems likely. 

At this point in time, the reason why Nintendo likely hasn't announced this remaster of Metroid Prime is because it's more focused on releasing the next closest entry in the franchise, Metroid Dread. Although Dread and Prime are much different games in many ways, the former is set to come to Nintendo Switch next week on October 8 and will serve as the 5th mainline entry in the original Metroid saga. Following the launch of Metroid Dread, it seems more likely that we could start to hear about this Metroid Prime remaster, assuming that it is definitely real. 


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