Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer Release Teased by Lewis Tan

Update: The Mortal Kombat tease was for images, not a trailer. You can see those first images from the movie here.

It looks like the first Mortal Kombat movie trailer will finally be revealed tomorrow, January 15. Taking to Twitter, actor Lewis Tan, who has an undisclosed role in the movie, teased that "tomorrow will be flawless." This and the follow-up tweet not only suggest it's Mortal Kombat related, but the fact that Greg Russo, the pen behind the reboot, quickly replied with a thinking emoji, seemingly confirms this is Mortal Kombat related. Of course, the question is whether or not it's trailer related.

Back in December, it looked like the Mortal Kombat movie trailer was going to drop on December 10 at The Game Awards, or at least that's what producer Greg Russo suggested. However, this didn't happen, and since then, we haven't heard much about the movie, though a few days later we did get a release date.

Below, you can check out the tease for yourself:

The Mortal Kombat movie is set to release in April, so it makes sense that a trailer is ready. As you may know, the movie was originally supposed to release tomorrow, January 15, but was delayed due to COVID-19 and the disruption it caused. Of course, it would be fitting to release the trailer the same day the movie was originally going to release, but right now, Tan's tease is far from a confirmation that we are getting a trailer tomorrow.


If we do get a trailer, it's safe to assume we will see Tan in it. Right now, Tan's role still hasn't been disclosed, but it's believed that he may be playing an original character and the protagonist of the movie, though, right now, this is just speculation.

The Mortal Kombat movie is set to release, both in theaters and via HBO Max, on April 16, 2021.