New Mortal Kombat Animated Movie Potentially Revealed

A new Mortal Kombat report suggests that Warner Bros. might have another non-gaming project in the works in addition to the upcoming live-action Mortal Kombat movie. This new project is supposedly an animated feature that’s tentatively titled “Mortal Kombat 3” which should give Mortal Kombat fans some indication of what they might find in such a project assuming it adheres to the timelines established in the games. Some of the roles supposedly being eyed for the animated project were also included in the news of Mortal Kombat 3 itself.

The Illuminerdi first shared news of the potential Mortal Kombat project on Wednesday and said it had been informed of the animated project and its tentative title. What wasn’t certain though was whether this animated feature would be connected to the Mortal Kombat reboot that’s releasing later this year or if it would be a standalone project.

While details about the project are scarce at this time, there were some casting calls to speak of that named several Mortal Kombat characters that should be familiar to fans of the franchise. Names like Kabal and Kuai Liang showed up in the reported casting calls which can be found below, the latter being the real name of the iconic Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero.

  • Kobra – Male – (25-35) – Fiery street fighter, standing voice is raspy.
  • Kira– Female – (25-35) Troublesome, sadistic, cruel but level-headed. Mid to low register with scratchy and textured voice.
  • Tremor – Male – (30-40) Looking for an African American voice to sound . Bold, weighty, strong voice, intimidating and burly.
  • Kuai Liang – Male – (60-70s) – Asian Male. A warrior who is now a pacifist. Seasoned, strong, and powerful voice.
  • Kabal – Male – Ninja with a scarred face, immovable bad-ass, mid to low register.

As hinted at by the casting calls and theorized by The Illuminerdi, Sub-Zero may be playing more of a mentor role in the animated project given how the character is further along in age than we typically see him and is “now a pacifist.”

Assuming this animated project is indeed real, it won’t be the only Mortal Kombat feature of its kind that we’ve seen recently. Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge released in April 2020and featured a retelling of the story of fellow Mortal Kombat icon Scorpion. The structure of the title certainly indicated that the film could be part of a larger animated franchise, perhaps one that could house the tentative Mortal Kombat 3.

As for Mortal Kombat projects that we know are for sure happening, the rebooted Mortal Kombat movie from producers James Wan and Todd Garner is scheduled to release on April 16, 2021.